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In horse-racing country, we know that the "fast track" describes the track conditions that are ideal for running. The "fast track" gives the best footing for a strong finish to the race. At Legacy Advisory Services, our Fast Track Retirement Process is a track that aids you in finding your best footing and running your strongest race in retirement.

Income Planning

Income Planning

We will ensure your monthly expenses can be paid with reliability and predictability for the rest of your life. This includes:

  • Income & Expense Analysis

  • Social Security Optimization

  • Inflation Plan

  • Spousal Income Replacement Plan

  • Longevity Protection

Investment Planning

Investment Planning

Once your income plan is established, we will create an investment plan for the remaining assets that you do not need to draw for your monthly expenses. This includes:

  • Assessing Risk Tolerance

  • Adjusting Portfolio to Reduce Fees

  • Volatility Control

  • Comprehensive Money Management

Tax Planning

Tax Planning

Any comprehensive retirement plan will include a strategy for decreasing tax liabilities. This includes:

  • Assessing the Taxable Nature of Current Holdings

  • Ways to Include Tax-Deferred / Tax-Free Money Strategies

  • Strategize Income Withdrawals to Potentially Reduce Tax Burden

  • Strategies to Leverage Qualified Money to Leave Tax-Free Dollars to Beneficiaries

Health Care Planning

Health Care Planning

We will create a plan to help you protect yourself against rising health care costs with a minimum of expense, including:

  • Review Medicare: Parts A, B, C, D and Supplemental Coverage

  • Analyzing Long-Term Care Options

  • Hedge Rising Health Care Expenses

  • Long-Term Care Facility Payment Strategy

Legacy Planning

Legacy Planning

It is important to ensure your hard-earned assets go to your beneficiaries in the most tax-efficient manner. We will strategically work with a qualified estate planning attorney with the goal to help you:

  • Maximize Estate and Income Tax Planning Opportunities

  • Strategize to Protect Any Assets in Trust and Ensure They Are Distributed Probate Free

  • Properly Transitioning Assets to the Next Generation

  • Referral to Legal Team: Wills, Living Will, POA’s, Digital Assets and Trust

Our Fast Track Retirement System:

See how our Four-Step "Fast Track System" works for you

  • 1


    Take our “All Weather Test” to determine if your current financial plan is on track to achieve your retirement goals.

  • 2


    Meet with our team to discuss your results and co-create a strategy that sees you to and through retirement.

  • 3


    Once you are satisfied that our strategy will help you achieve your financial goals, our team of professionals will put your plan into action!

  • 4


    Once your plan is implemented, we’ll continually review your goals and your strategy to determine if any changes are needed during your retirement journey.



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